Jon Hunt, 8 ONE 8 Fitness

“I love that The Creative Collective exists…what an amazing way to connect with other like minded individuals! The Creative Collective is a great place to be inspired, to dream, to visualize, and, most importantly, it is an amazing platform to allow us to create!”


Elizabeth Herbst, Environmental Engineer

"As a remote worker, The Creative Collective provides a great space to have social interactions and a sense of comradery while still being focused on work and my career. It is a welcome change to chat about a new restaurant in town while grabbing a cup of coffee from the community coffeepot or network among my coworkers at a learning lunch, and then return to my desk in this inspiring space to complete tasks. I appreciate being able to bounce the occasional idea or email off a coworker and get a quick opinion."

In the News...

The Creative Collective — a new co-working space in Bucktown Center for the Arts — exudes funky, laid-back, downtown chic. And less than a month after opening, it’s already a big hit renting workspace to a variety of entrepreneurs, freelancers, writers, designers, photographers, consultants and artists.
— Jonathan Turner, Arts & Culture reporter for the Dispatch-Argus
Klipsch & Sivertsen, photo by Meg McGlaughlin

Klipsch & Sivertsen, photo by Meg McGlaughlin