Art Gallery Opening This Weekend!


Often you'll hear a coworking space explained as an office space for small businesses, start-ups, and individuals. This is definitely true, but we believe coworking is so much more. It's not just about having a physical space to work; it's about having a community to work amongst. Coworking is about connections between local professionals, artists, freelancers, and entrepreneurs—people who are self-motivated and often earning an income through their own creativity and drive.

At COWORKQC, we have just about as an eclectic a group of people as you'll find. Our members are doing outstanding and interesting work and we could not be more proud of all they accomplish. As we provide a community and beautiful space for them to work, we also do what we can to make all of our their lives better through promoting local businesses, encouraging members to get out and try neighborhood eateries and breweries, and supporting local retailers and festivals.

During an exciting weekend in downtown Davenport, we are happy to announce our first gallery opening. We hope this becomes the first of many gallery events that sponsor and support local artists. COWORKQC is all about giving people a start, whether it's a start at new friendships, professional networks, or a broader audience for your business or art. 

This month at COWORKQC Davenport-based artist Marie Stephens will be displaying a collection of her most recent passion: beloved pooches. Marie is in tune with the personalities of pets, understands the bond between pet and owner, and loves to translate that to the canvas. She has hosted a contest to collect pooch portraits to display at her gallery opening on August 26th (National Dog Day!) and we're delighted to share them with you.

We invite you to come downtown on the 26th and stop by our open house, where you can enjoy the work of a talented artist, a glass of wine, and an appetizer or two. Click HERE for more information and to RSVP. (Friendly dogs are welcome.)

InnovateHER: 5 Things to Know

1. InnovateHER is a national pitch competition for businesses and organizations working to empower/better/enhance the lives of women.

2. Small competitions are taking place all over the country. The top 10 will get to pitch to a panel in Washington D.C. for a chance to win up to $70K.

3. Cedar Rapids' NewBoCo has organized the applications for the State of Iowa, making it easy to enter and pitch ideas in front of many audiences and panels. Contestants fill out ONE application and select locations. Apply Here! 

4.  Brought to you by Ignite Quad Cities, COWORKQC is the host location for the Eastern Iowa competition. The competition is Tuesday, April 25 at 6:00PM. 

5.   The competition is FREE and open to the public!  All are welcome to see what innovators of Iowa are up to!

Still have questions? Learn more about InnovateHER HERE.

Member Feature: The Legacy Project

After winning a three-month membership as part of our grand opening celebration, COWORKQC is now the official home to The Legacy Project. The brand new nonprofit has extended its membership and made themselves at home.

Four Reasons to Join an Industry Collaborative

Perhaps you, too, crave a space where you can share ideas with other professionals in your specific line of work. After several meetings with the Indy Hall Coworking Braintrust, here's why I believe stepping into a community collaborative—whether online or down the street—is something everyone can benefit from:

Coworking through Disaster

At COWORKQC, we have intentionally created a community of people who, as we like to say, “work alone, together.” This is obvious everyday as we observe people brainstorming, collaborating, walking down the street to grab lunch, hiring one another, and generally enjoying the workday together. This sense of kinship is evident on the most average day, but was even more so last Monday night when a disaster took place outside our space and literally flew right through our window.

Coworking for Non-profits

Coworking for Non-profits

You’ve heard of the benefits of coworking: it's a space away from home or the coffee shop, it's inexpensive, and it's a perfect place to network with and work alongside other professionals. These are huge advantages for start-ups, small businesses, and sole entrepreneurs alike. However, there's another group that can reap tremendous benefits from coworking: nonprofits. Here are just a few reasons why:

Member Feature: Amy Sivertsen

Member Feature: Amy Sivertsen

My long-term goals include being able to look back and have few regrets on the path my life has taken, so I'm working to make sure I don't neglect pursuing something out of fear or what-if. I'd rather look back and say, "Oh...maybe I shouldn't have taken that job that one time," instead of saying, "Oh...I'm so sad we never decided to do that..."  Another long-term goal is to raise healthy, aware, well-rounded, and hard-working kids.

Member Feature: Leslie Klipsch

Member Feature: Leslie Klipsch

Favorite part of your work: I find people endlessly fascinating and love interviewing them. This is true whether I'm interviewing someone for an article or a podcast episode. I love words and fully believe in the power of the pen. In everything I do, I aim to celebrate life and nudge the dial toward beauty and justice.