Member Feature: Jennie Peakin

Meet Creative Member Jennie Peakin

Business Name: Jennie Peakin Photography and Vantage Nine19 Photography

How long have you been in operation? Jennie Peakin Photography was born in 2010; Vantage Nine19 Photography opened in the fall of 2013

What’s your favorite part about your work? Meeting and learning about so many interesting people is one of my favorite parts, but also, being invited into some of the most special, intimate moments of their lives is pretty extraordinary. My clients put their trust in me to capture those moments for them to cherish forever, which is humbling and special to me. I am a people person for sure, so learning about others while working with so many different people in so many different parts of their lives is probably my favorite part. It's truly my dream job!

From where do you draw artistic inspiration? I take inspiration from so many different people — local photographers, friends in the industry, well-known photographers. I strive to have a unique style all of my own, but definitely am inspired to constantly improve and evolve with the help of other people's work. Right now, I have been especially inspired by Susan Stripling, Meg Bitton, Audrey Woulard, Annie Manning of Paint the Moon, my incredibly talented business partner and friend Jamie (Jamie Lynne Photography), as well as many other local artists.

Can you offer advice to a creative professional starting a business based on their craft? Know your worth and know you are valuable and have confidence in yourself. Also, ask for help and advice from others in your industry and don't be afraid to fail! My many failures are what ultimately have made me a better photographer. Never stop learning and never stop trying to do better.

What do you specialize in as a photographer? I specialize in portraits of families, children, senior portraits, maternity and, my favorite, births. My business partner and I specialize in weddings through our separate wedding photography business, Vantage Nine19.

What's your dream assignment? My dream assignment would be a humanitarian photography assignment, which I am thrilled to be doing this May when I head to Africa to photograph the incredible work that the NGO Empower Tanzania is doing! Traveling to a developing country to capture raw, emotional images in an effort to spread awareness and use my talents as a photographer to help better the world has been number one on my professional "bucket list" for years!

What's your favorite part of being a member of The Creative Collective? There is something so inspiring about working in a space with so many other creatives. I have already collaborated with many of them and the ones who I have not collaborated with are all so talented and interesting that it makes me strive to be better and think more outside of the box. Being a member of The Creative Collective has also made me so much more productive than when I would work from home. Also, having access to a beautiful space that is reflective of my style and where I can do sessions indoors when needed is definitely a major bonus!

You do all of the The Creative Collective member head shots. What do you learn about people while taking their picture? My style when shooting a session is extremely laid back and I often become quite close to my clients. I feel like when I am working with someone, I want them to be as comfortable and real as makes for the most natural pictures. While often my pictures aren't reflective of what many view as the perfect, posed portrait, my style is to capture real, natural moments that freeze in time how that person (or family or child) is during that season of their life. Because of this approach it's amazing what I learn during sessions. Some people are not quick to open up, but most open up to tell me their stories while I photograph them. I laugh with all of my clients and have cried with many as well. It's these stories, complex or simple, that inspire me. I learn everything from heartbreaking pasts, to current struggles or joys, to hopes and dreams for the futures. Learning about how we all are so unique, special, and different is by far the most interesting part of my job.

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