Member Profile: Kelly Hancock of Noted Design

Photo credit: Jennie Peakin

Photo credit: Jennie Peakin

Business Name: Noted Design

What’s your specialty? Custom designed wedding invitations. I also do all the production myself.

Two reasons you care about the work you do: A well-designed wedding invitation can reflect a couple's personality while giving their guests a preview of the good time and general awesomeness awaiting them at this wedding. I love good design and happy people. The reason I ultimately decided to specialize in wedding invitations is because of the clients. An engaged couple is generally blessed with optimism that is hard to come by as an adult with grown-up responsibilities. They generally understand that you get what you pay for when it comes to planning a wedding, and I appreciate not having to haggle and argue over design time, fees, etc. with brides and grooms.

Inspiration: I wish I had time to read and be inspired right now, but I don't. Time management is on my to-do list. For inspiration, I browse Instagram to see what other designers are doing.

How long have you been in the industry? Exactly two years. I left my desk job in March 2014. But honestly, the first year was almost a joke. The first six months I had no clients, then the second six months was all trial and error. This last year has been where I've learned the most.

What do you do in your spare time? I hang out with my kids and husband. I schedule play dates based on the compatibility of us and the other parents rather than that of our kids. I love to travel, but having two young boys has slowed that down a lot.

What are you working on right now? Right now I'm working on some freelance graphic design projects for eczema specialists in Colorado, as well as dozens of wedding invitations. Oh, and my husband and I just expanded my home office, which has been and still is a big project.

You lead Tuesdays Together. Tell us about this organization and why you’re a part of it. Tuesdays Together is a local chapter of a nationwide group for creative entrepreneurs called The Rising Tide Society. The group was founded on the notion of "community over competition." Chapters all over the country get together every second Tuesday of the month to discuss and compare notes on owning and running a small business. I love being a part of this group because of the support and encouragement the members give each other. Even though most of us are in different industries and specialties, we can relate to each other because of owning a small business. And the collaboration and projects that are born through these meetings are awesome!

What are your top three personal or professional goals for 2016? My goals for 2016 are: 1) Improve my time management, 2) Be better at delegating (i.e, hire help, find an intern, etc.), 3) Establish an online store presence (i.e, Etsy and possibly my website).

How long have you been working at The Creative Collective? What’s the best thing about it? I've been a member of some sort since January. The main reason I joined is for a place to meet with clients. My favorite thing about it has been meeting so many great people and collaborating with them.

Where can we find you? My website is I'm also on Instagram and Facebook.