5 Reasons The Creative Collective Is For You

We get it. We live in a region where real estate is plentiful and a home office can be a reality. Why leave to go downtown and cowork?

We think there are all kinds of great answers to this question. The coworkers at The Creative Collective still work from home occasionally and we all love to hang out in our favorite coffee shops. That hasn't changed. But what has changed is our ability to be productive regularly around other professionals, sharpen our skill sets, and grow our businesses. Here's what has been happening at the coworking space and why we believe coworking is right for you:

1. You need to meet with clients.

Sure, the coffee shop will do. Great vibe, ease of transaction. Perhaps it's the right place. But...

Think about the cost: You purchase a latte, a pastry, and, of course, a latte for each of your clients. You've just laid down a twenty. Do that a few times a month and you've already spent more than what it costs to have a spot at the community table at The Creative Collective, where you'll find free coffee and snacks for you AND your clients!

We love coffee shops, but when it comes to meeting clients, the environment lacks professionalism, confidentiality (someone is definitely listening to your conversation!), and clarity (which Starbucks again?). You can have all that and a solid place to meet at The Creative Collective.

2. You're in a business that eventually would like a retail space or storefront.

The Creative Collective can serve as your incubator. In other words, it's the place to get your business up and running. In a year or two, when you have your solid book of business, you can actually afford the shop you've always dreamed of.

3. You'd like an army of experts at your finger tips.

Working around other professionals in businesses outside your realm of expertise can come in handy. Need a quick opinion on a design? Turn to the graphic designer sitting next to you. Need help making a specific thought for your next blog post sound coherent? Turn to the editor behind you. Have a question on which expense category to put your latest business purchase? There's a business consultant a couple of steps away. 

If you find you need more than just an answer to a quick question, you can hire these experts that you've come to know and respect. Because of our variety of professionals, you don't have to look far to hire someone to design a logo, edit your blog posts or website to ensure consistency in voice, or consult with you on creating a solid and coherent business plan. 

Who knows, maybe you have the right skill ready for hire. Just by inserting yourself into our community you may gain a few more clients and tap into a whole network you couldn't have reached yourself!

4. You crave relevant, organized business discussions with other professionals.

Taxes? Social Media? Stress relief and workplace yoga? All benefits of being a member.  This type of seminar can run anywhere from $50 to $400, but it's all a part of your membership at The Creative Collective!

5. You desire separation between your work-life and your home-life.

The struggle is real but a solution is possible. A membership at The Creative Collective can help set boundaries on your time. When you're at work at The Collective, you cannot be distracted by your laundry. When you're at home, you'll be less tempted to work on the document that you left at the The Collective. A physical separation and a short drive or walk might be all you need to increase your focus and productivity, and a achieve a more balanced lifestyle.

Join us by checking out our website and sending us an email! We have a membership option that's right for you and would love to welcome you as a coworker at The Creative Collective!