Coworking for Non-profits


You’ve heard of the benefits of coworking: it's a space away from home or the coffee shop, it's inexpensive, and it's a perfect place to network with and work alongside other professionals. These are huge advantages for start-ups, small businesses, and sole entrepreneurs alike. However, there's another group that can reap tremendous benefits from coworking: nonprofits. Here are just a few reasons why:

Save Money

If you work for or run a non-profit then you're on a budget. Why commit money on too-much office space when you can share a space with fresh faces and energy? Cutting down on office space means you can spend more money on your programming and projects. Your organization — and your community — will win.

Spread the Word

Coworking spaces tend to be high traffic. People complete their daily grind, host meetings and events, drink coffee, and congregate. How better to network and spread the word about the best parts of your organization than to cowork with fantastic people ... and the fantastic people that they invite to the space? Those using the space will learn about your cause by proximity and you'll grow your network simply by showing up.

Share Ideas and Contracts

Hiring your coworkers on a contract basis means that you don’t have to reserve payroll for high salaries, which once again equals more money for programming. Not only is there a cost savings, but by setting up shop in a coworking space you have access to great ideas from people who aren’t in the non-profit world. Someone in graphic design could come up with a brilliant logo to appeal to the public while someone in marketing might have a unique campaign idea that hasn't been tried before. By collaborating with coworkers, your organization can access brand-new content that can only come of putting a group of diverse thinkers and doers together. And, since you’re operating on a contract basis, you'll garner plenty of new and unique perspectives for various projects. One might need an accounting brain, while another needs a public relations mindset, and another requires an editor. There will likely be one of each at your coworking space.

Coworking provides beautiful workspace and fantastic possibilities no matter what type of organization you’re a part of. Non-profits, freelancers, entrepreneurs ... we're better together!