Four Reasons to Join an Industry Collaborative

Co-owner/Managing Director Amy Sivertsen represents COWORKQC in an elite industry braintrust. Read her reflections here:

The Indy Hall Coworking Braintrust is a bi-weekly coaching session for ten coworking spaces around the world who discuss via video conference best practices in coworking. Facilitated by Alex Hillman and Sam Abrams from Indy Hall, I was thrilled to be included as a part of this cooperative. In our short time together, the trust has covered community engagement, tools and management, member recruitment, and we've disclosed our successes and failures—all very helpful as COWORKQC is a market-maker here in the Quad Cities. I'm thankful for this space to encourage, equip, and support peers in the coworking industry.
Over the last decade, coworking has become more mainstream and by now there are thousands of coworking spaces throughout the world. However, COWORKQC remains unique in the Quad Cities. Because I'm not able to grab morning coffee or after-work drinks with colleagues to talk coworking, this online group serves as a community where I can get to know other effective spaces across the globe.

Through this braintrust, I hope to be inspired by new ways to engage the COWORKQC community through member socials and events, as well as market our coworking space to the greater community. I also hope to learn strategies in efficiency so that my partners and I ultimately spend less time on logistics and more time on networking and fruitful relationships. Finally, I hope to put the QC on the map through networking with my international cadre of cowork professionals.

Perhaps you, too, crave a space where you can share ideas with other professionals in your specific line of work. After several meetings with the Indy Hall Coworking Braintrust, here's why I believe stepping into a community collaborative—whether online or down the street—is something everyone can benefit from:

Four Reasons to Join an Industry Collaborative

  1.  COLLABORATION is key and by connecting with peers who understand the unique attributes of your industry, you can jump right into meaningful partnership
  2. Every participant enters within similar experience, so BRAINSTORMING new ideas and best practices is breathtakingly effective
  3. By participating, it is likely you will BUILD RELATIONSHIPS that will outlast the formal braintrust
  4. With collective experience and knowledge, you can effectively PROBLEM SOLVE the challenges unique to your specific trade

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Amy Sivertsen consults start-ups and entrepreneurs as they establish their plan and reach for success. She is co-owner and managing director of COWORKQC, the Quad Cities' first coworking space.