Member Feature: The Legacy Project

COWORK QC is now the home to The Legacy Project.

“Through our space at COWORKQC, our productivity and workflow are so much more effective. Having a place where we can carry out our work, in community with other doers, has been invaluable. Holding our board meetings in the conference room has been wonderful too,” Torgerud said.

Laura Torgerud is the founder of The Legacy Project, an organization that was created for girls to help protect the legacy of their mothers after death.

“We see that the life of a woman should never, ever be forgotten, discounted on from. Her legacy deserves to live on. Forever,” Torgerud said.

The Legacy Project is a new non-profit currently finalizing training materials. They hope to start training volunteers this spring. After their volunteers are trained properly, they will begin reaching out to motherless girls.

“Our trained mentors and companions will walk along motherless girls and young women of the Quad Cities. Our volunteers will assist these girls and young women in cultivating a lasting legacy while they navigate the journey of mother loss,” Torgerud said. “Each girl will design their own plan for how they will protect their mom's' legacy. Some possible ways may be through journaling, interviewing people who knew their mom, scrapbooking, genealogy research, or cooking.”

For more information on ways to volunteer or help out The Legacy Project, please email, like The Legacy Proejct on Facebook, or contact Laura at 651-247-8195.