Coworking through Disaster

At COWORKQC, we have intentionally created a community of people who, as we like to say, “work alone, together.” This is obvious everyday as we observe people brainstorming, collaborating, walking down the street to grab lunch, hiring one another, and generally enjoying the workday together. This sense of kinship is evident on the most average day, but was even more so last Monday night when a disaster took place outside our space and literally flew right through our window.

5 Reasons The Creative Collective Is For You

We get it. We live in a region where real estate is plentiful and a home office can be a reality. Why leave to go downtown and cowork?

We think there are all kinds of great answers to this question. The coworkers at The Creative Collective still work from home occasionally and we all love to hang out in our favorite coffee shops. That hasn't changed. But what has changed is our ability to be productive regularly around other professionals, sharpen our skill sets, and grow our businesses. Here's what has been happening at the coworking space and why we believe coworking is right for you