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Getting to Know Your Digital Customers

With Jaimy Szymanski, Digital Experience Analyst (and Creative Collective member!)

It's 2016, and your customers expect a seamless digital experience with your company and brand, regardless of their engagement channel. But, how can you deliver that if you don't know much about them, or if you're operating against traditional customer segmentation strategies? By digging into digital customer data that goes beyond demographics, you'll be better equipped to deliver the messaging needed to boost conversion and retention. From researching preferred engagement channels, to go-to devices, to how and why they hop along the customer journey, every piece of the puzzle matters when attempting to reach customers with continually rising digital expectations.

In this 1.5-hour luncheon session, join Digital Experience Analyst Jaimy Szymanski as she reviews best practices for conducting customer research, how to create customer personas for targeting, and how to begin mapping the digital customer journey to better understand the relationship between each marketing and experience touchpoint. You'll walk away with workable templates and actionable frameworks to get started immediately with learning more about your digital customers and, in turn, getting better results from your online, social, and mobile marketing investments.

Open to Public (limited to 50) - $20 including lunch (free to Creative Collective members)