Member Feature: Liv Ryan

What’s your specialty? My creative passion is writing, my outlet is holy yoga (especially with kids who are 4, 3, and 10 months), and my life goal is to make a lasting impact on the people God puts in my path! And I've found a healthy balance of writing, blogging, editing, speaking, and yoga instructing. I love to do anything that helps women breathe deeper and snuggle more.

Where can we find you? My website is where I've made my internet "home." I blog and share hope and inspiration! Instagram: oliviaishere2 Facebook: A Daily Dose of Faith, Hope and Inspiration Pinterest: Liv Ryan

How long have you been interested in writing and yoga? I won the "Young Author's Contest" for our middle school in 4th grade. Since then, I've been on a constant quest to capture feelings and experiences with words. It's an easy way to leave your mark on the world.

As for yoga, I found a lot of healing from negative body image through a Christian Yoga class. When we lost our first baby through miscarriage, I decided to become an instructor. Six years later, I can't imagine my life without those weekly classes filled with re-centering, reflection, and deep breathing.

What are you working on right now? I'm finally getting ready to launch my first book! It’s been a long time coming, but I am overjoyed to be in the editing and design phase. Bearing Hope: Navigating the Desert of Waiting for a Child is for women walking through the desert of waiting.

Whether they’re facing infertility or grieving a loss, they weren't made to walk through it alone. Bearing Hope will help hurting readers rediscover joy, hope, and freedom.

My deepest desire is to help women survive the desert of waiting with a lighter burden.

I'm also starting some fun e-books and am preparing to speak at a girls’ summer camp in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin!

Two reasons you care about the work you do: During dark times in my life, words written by others were like water in the desert. They gave me hope and I can't imagine not sharing that. Second, I believe deep breathing can change lives. It can lower blood pressure, anxiety, and stress. It can renew spirits, restore hope, and birth joy. This shift has a tremendous ripple effect. I think anyone would be absolutely crazy not to make time for stretching, meditating, and BREATHING DEEPER!

Inspiration: Movies: The King's Speech, The Great Debaters, October Baby, and the Blind Side. Okay, I have to include Legally Blonde. Everyone needs to channel their inner Elle Woods from time to time.

Blogs: Scissortail Silk, Jen Hatmaker, and my close writer-mama friends Katy Tullos and Katie Ganshert. They're real moms with real families and their words really matter!

Music: Spotify is my bestie. Feel free to follow me! I love musical theatre, pop, instrumentals, and the magic of hymns and folk. You’ll find me jammin’ to fun things across the board!

Activities: Running, breathing deeply, Tuesday night Date Nights, and trips anywhere with anyone.

You teach Breathe Holy Yoga. Tell us about this and what makes it unique? Holy Yoga (AKA QC Breathe) is amazing. It's Christ-centered yoga. We read a scripture verse at the beginning and end of class and let it sit in our heads for the hour. We practice to rockin' worship playlists and breathe deeply. It's the perfect blend of working out and resting.

Holy yoga has been healing for me since I started attending classes almost 10 years ago, and even more life-giving since I started teaching 6.5 years ago. I love celebrating every body type and their capabilities. Now it has morphed into a place where I can physically work and breathe through letting go of burdens. It’s also a fun, safe space where I can worship in heart, soul, mind, strength, and lead others to the same. (Mark 12:30).  

Our name came from Acts 17:28a "In him we live and move and have our being."

You just have to have an open heart and a body willing to move to attend class! It's $8 to drop-in or $60 for a 10-class punch card. I also mix it up with fun specials like a kids’ class (there's one on Saturday, May 14th, at 9:30am for $5, ages 3-7) and occasional guys’ nights for $5!

How do you use the space at The Creative Collective? What’s the best thing about it? I mostly use The Collective for the Thursday evening yoga classes in studio 205, but soon I'll be in the office space to write! My hubby and I also love to hold weekend editing sessions down there.

The second Monday of the month the Bearing Hope infertility and baby loss support group meets down there, which is pretty cool.

I'm obsessed with the vibe at TCC: the music, the people, the food, the coffee, the exposed brick. And the printer, I'm constantly running out of ink at home! There's even more greatness at TCC, so you'll have to come check it out!