Four Reasons to Join an Industry Collaborative

Perhaps you, too, crave a space where you can share ideas with other professionals in your specific line of work. After several meetings with the Indy Hall Coworking Braintrust, here's why I believe stepping into a community collaborative—whether online or down the street—is something everyone can benefit from:

Coworking through Disaster

At COWORKQC, we have intentionally created a community of people who, as we like to say, “work alone, together.” This is obvious everyday as we observe people brainstorming, collaborating, walking down the street to grab lunch, hiring one another, and generally enjoying the workday together. This sense of kinship is evident on the most average day, but was even more so last Monday night when a disaster took place outside our space and literally flew right through our window.

Member Feature: Brandon Carleton

Member Feature: Brandon Carleton

"I try to follow people on Instagram that make me angry. I know that sounds odd, but there are some people that create things that make me say: “WHAT THE HECK. HOW DID THEY DO THAT? I COULD NEVER DO THAT IF I TRIED!” This motivates me to keep working and keep growing as an artist."